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100, 1.000, 1.000.000 stories - International theatre festival for children (Ion Creanga Theatre)

Très jeune public et jeune public

Bucharest, Bulgarie
(+4)021 / 317 85 90

Ion Creanga Theatre organises in September/October the International Theatre Festival for Children "100, 1000, 1.000.000 stories”.
The festival has a competitive feature and it addresses to theatres – from Romania and from abroad – which have in their repertory performances for children, rendered by actors.
The festival has two categories within which the performances are structured according to the following age groups: 1-4 years and 4-12 years.
The jury, consisting in theatre professionals, from Romania and from abroad, grant the following awards:
· Best performance award
· Super-Bebe Award - granted for the best performance for the age group 1-4 years
· Best director award
· Best acting award


Ion Creanga Theatre